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episode 1.13 – stay calm and give thanks

Well, the unimaginable has happened:  Fall has found its way to the North Shore.  I haven’t worn shorts in weeks, people.  WEEKS!

I know, right?  Who could’ve possibly seen that coming?  I don’t blame anyone though–it’s not like you can predict when a season arrives, right?  It’s–

What’s that?  

That’s literally the definition of season?  


Well, don’t I feel sheepish.

But it’s not all bad.  In fact, it’s not too bad at all!  I always do this thing where I dread Summer ending and Autumn taking its place.  Like it’s the end of the world or something.  But really, it’s not the end of anything.

It’s the start epic kickoff of some of the best holidays!  Holidays such as Halloween, my birthday (arguably the most important), and Thanksgiving!  And holidays–like everything else–are just better up here.

Need proof?  Here’s what I did on Halloween:

You’re probably asking, Mikel, how is that in any way proof that North Shore Halloweens are better than anything? 

My answer is two-fold:

1) It took place on the North Shore, so–there’s that.

2) They are SCARY MINI PIZZAS!  What more do you need?!

Okay, okay, still not convinced of North Shore holiday awesomeness?  Then explain this photo from my birthday:

You know what?  Let’s just move right along to….


The North Shore was practically built for Thanksgiving.  I mean, we already have the colors taken care of–big time.  Okay, granted it’s more an alternative destination, there’s still plenty of good reasons to make it your Thanksgiving getaway.  Need proof?

I mean good proof this time.  Sheesh.  One mini pizza picture and a guy loses all credibility….

I know you folks love you some Top 5 lists, so, let me break it down…


#5) The Traffic is Infinitely Preferable

Picture this:  Thanksgiving Day.  You’re on your way to pick up Aunt Brian (don’t ask).  The backseat is filled to the brim with screaming kids, sleeping bags, and pajamas.  The candied yams in your lap are somehow getting hotter.  And, guess what, the dog is starting to get carsick.  Would you rather:

A.  Get stuck at another red light behind an equally kid-infested station wagon or…

B.  At the very least, have this as your commute:

Your choice.  I’ll wait while you pick.  By the way, you’re looking at a shot of “Lutsen Rush Hour.”

#4) Get Stuffed!

No, that’s not an insult!  I’m talking about the traditional Thanksgiving meal.  When it comes to eating on T-Day, you know the rules:  Go big or go home.  Except you can’t go home, remember?  You’re stuck at Grandma Vicki’s, stuffed to the gills with turkey and cranberry sauce, and all you want in the world is a nap!  But guess what?  Uncle Kevin’s got dibs on the spare bedroom, so you’ll just have to curl up on the sofa between “Nana” and two 7-year-olds fighting over a wishbone.

If only there was a cozy lodge that had an all-you-can-eat Thanksgiving Day buffet with room after room of comfy, full-sized beds for your post-binge napping needs.

Oh, wait…there is.

I, for one, will be spending my Turkey Day at Moguls.  Granted, I’ll be in uniform, but I’ll still be staying true to my new Thanksgiving tradition:  go where there’s turkey and Parmesan-encrusted Walleye topped with Tomato-Basil Compote.

Just sayin’.

#3) No Black Friday

No-brainer.  There’s plenty of other chances to get trampled at a shopping mall.  Or just wait for Cyber Monday like the rest of the world and, in the meantime, enjoy a cozy weekend in front of a fireplace in the quietest vacation destination in all of Minnesota.

Like I said:  no-brainer.

#2) BYOF (Build-Your-Own-Family)

And for once, I’m not talking about robots.

Not in the traditional sense, anyway.

Look, family is great.  But sometimes the relatives can get a little…grinding, right?  Don’t deny it.  You’re in the tree of trust here–let it all out.  Your sister’s just going to talk about her parking tickets and you know it only takes one glass of champagne to get your great uncle talking about “politics.”

So why don’t you get a little selective.  Grab your favorite brother, and the great-aunt you’ve always loved, and bring’em up here!  Or, skip the in-laws altogether and have on of those “Friendsgivings” I’ve been hearing so much about.  You’ll have some great photo ops with that mountain in the background and you can keep in touch with second-cousin Charlie the old fashioned way:  Facebook.

#1) Downhill Thanksgiving

I bet I can think of something that my Thanksgiving’s going to have that yours won’t.  Here’s a hint:  it requires special boots.

I bet you haven’t seen much snow down there.  But up here, snowmakers have been hard at work, round the clock getting those slopes up to par…

Well, Your Honor, I think I’ve proven my case.  North Shore.  Thanksgiving.  2012.  You don’t want to miss this.  And jokes about relatives aside, Thanksgiving can be anywhere as long as you’re surrounded by your favorite people–even if that’s just you, yourself, and I.

So how ’bout a new tradition–one that’s a little less…traditional?

Just remember, wherever you go, be safe.  Be thankful.  And please don’t drive if you’ve had too much to eat.

– Mikel

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