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How to Pack for A Ski Trip

It’s ski season! Are you ready? Whether you’re going to Lutsen for a whole week with the whole family or just a weekend with a friend, packing can be the hardest part. What you’ll pack depends on who’s coming, where you’re staying, and what kind of gear you already own.

If you’ve skiied before, here’s the simplest approach: Before you go, lay everything out on your bead. Now, close your eyes and visualize that you are completely ready to go down the hill. Imagine being fully dressed and fully equipped. Now, starting at the top of your head and going down to the soles of your feet, slowly check for each item. Hat? Goggles? Scarf? You’ll know what to do.

Now, to get a little more specific:

Skis and Poles

If you already own skis, bring two pairs just in case. If not, kids who stay with us get free rentals! And for the adults, Lutsen Mountains rents skis.

Socks, Gloves, and Hats

You can never have enough, especially if they get wet. Bring several pairs of socks and at least two pairs of gloves. Bring an extra hat, too—if you don’t end up needing it, someone else will.

Goggles and Helmet

Easy to forget. Hard to do without.

Lift Tickets

What goes down, must come up! We offer our guests special rates on lift tickets and kids 6-12 ski free, stay free, and rent free with a family package.

Extra Washer Fluid, Fix a Flat, and Jumper Cables

Trust us. You’re driving to a northwoods ski resort, and honestly you just never know. Plus, maybe you’ll be the hero that gives someone else a jump.


Everyone has a different opinion on this, so go with what works for you. Just remember to dress in layers. Unless it’s 20 below and windy, it’s better to wear an undershirt, a shirt, a fleece jacket, and a windbreaker than one massive parka. Remember if you overheat, you can start to sweat, which will actually chill you faster.

The Little Extras

Advil, sunscreen, Chapstick, sunglasses in a hard case, cough drops, mini candy bars …and a tough ziploc bag to carry it on the slope! Off the hill, you’ll want camera batteries, phone charger, playing cards, and duct tape, because this is life and things happen!

Best Spring Break Ski Vacation Ever

As far as we’re concerned Spring Break exists for one reason: to party on (and off) the slopes with your friends while leaving your worries and troubles at home. That’s why we’ve put together the Best Spring Break Ski Vacation Special Ever! And we’re not shy about it.


5 nights for $160 per person

Boom. All you have to do is round up five of your best friends and book our Spring Break Stay More Save More package in an Alpine Condo for 5 nights. Don’t have that much time? That’s ok it’s only a few bucks more. Have too many friends? We’ve got town-homes that sleep 12!




Lutsen Mountains’ most popular resort

Skiers and boarders in the know always choose Caribou Highlands when booking their Lutsen Mountains vacation. We’ve got an indoor pool, two whirlpools, two saunas, free s’mores, complimentary movies, and the area’s most talented massage therapists – our competition isn’t even competition! And this year, as you know by now, guests at Caribou Highlands will have the Best Spring Break Ski Vacation Ever!


Cherry Fired Prime Rib + Shot-Ski + Mountain Nightlife
= Good Times and Great Memories

Whether you’re staying in at Moguls Grille and Tap Room or hitting up the area’s biggest music venue, Papa Charlie’s – end your day skiing and start your night off right with hearty slice of our famous Cherry Fired Prime Rib and a Shot-Ski!



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