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Cross River Heritage Center Opening

Built in 1929, Schroeder’s Cross River Heritage Center has become a place where visitors can take in local heritage and culture. The center, which opens for the season on Friday, May 23 and will throw an opening party on Friday, June 6 at 6:30 p.m., is a Tudor-style structure – the only one in Cook County, it’s said – that locals and tourists have come to recognize as a landmark.

During its life, the building has been a boarding house, a restaurant, a general store, a post office, a gas station, and a meat market. These days, it serves the mission of the Schroeder Area Historical Society, which is to “research, document, record, and preserve the unique history of the Schroeder area,” according to the Cross River Heritage Center website at Some of the stated goals of the center are to collect local artifacts and preserve them, develop exhibits that are educational and interesting, and to build community.

The center provides historical displays, as well as rooms that are furnished and renovated with the express purpose of telling the story of the history of the area. The Edwin Lundie room is a room that is meant to demonstrate the style of the Minnesota architect who designed a number of North Shore structures, and the Stickney Inn room aims to recreate the look of what a room at the Heritage Center might have looked like in the 1930′s, during the time of innkeepers Horace and Nell Stickney.

Displays in the center were created over some 5,000 hours in 2008. “Mapping Schroeder Area History: 150 Years” and “Building Community 1915-1950: Homesteads, Roads, and Resorts” are the names of the displays, and they collect audio and video oral histories, memorabilia, and photographs that tell the story of the region.

The Cross River Heritage Center is located at 7932 West Highway 1 in Schroeder. The opening party will go until 8:30, and refreshments will be served. There will also be an art show happening during the same time, so there’s most definitely something for everyone going on. Go to the Cross River website for more, or call 218-663-7706.

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