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4 Ways To Do The Lutsen 99er

It’s one of the biggest, baddest bike races in the area. This year’s 99 mile race (there are also 39 and 19 mile versions) is on June 28th and it’s already sold out. The course description is this:

“We will start at Lutsen Ski Resort, in Minnesota’s Sawtooth Mountains overlooking majestic Lake Superior, as we begin a fantastic Category 3 climb. Once over the ridgeline, the course takes advantage of the glacially sculpted terrain, rolling hills, and numerous lakes and streams at the southern range of the Boreal Forest. You will be riding on sections of road and trail that see as much moose traffic as people traffic at any given time.”

Here’s how you can get involved.

Race It: We said it was sold out, and it is. But email and you can get on the waitlist.

Volunteer: This is a way to get involved in a hands-on way and do some good too! Races depend on volunteers to run smoothly so visit the volunteer page for information.

Spectate: Even easier than volunteering, though you won’t get quite as much of an insider look. Check out the course map to learn the best spots for spectating.

Ride It: The trail might be occupied June 28…but the rest of the summer? It’s all yours. Any race that draws 1,000 riders and a wait list has to have some pretty decent views, doesn’t it? And if you need a place to stay while you plan your bike weekend in paradise, well, we have you covered.

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