Why August is the best time to visit this summer!

Late August is the best time of summer to visit Lutsen Mountains. Gorgeous weather, fewer people, and tons of activities. To help “paint the picture” of what your stay could look like, we’ve put together a little narrative with some sample itineraries to get your imagination going! Give us a call to book your August getaway!

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The sun rays beat down through the open curtain, the sun has already risen as you lay in bed looking through the window. Enjoying your coffee has never been so breathtaking as it is this very second as you look onto Moose Mountain. The trees are green, the breeze is cool, and the temperature is warm this time of year. Being outside seems like the only way to spend the day so you and your husband decide to play a round of golf at Superior National Golf Course.

golf superior national

The course gave many opportunities to test out your new driver, and the greens were quick.

After the 27-hole course both you and your husband are ready for a cold drink and some food. Heading to Moguls Grille and Tap Room is the next stop. Greeted with warm smiles, you are quickly seated and brought the cold beer you ordered. After struggling to decide what to order, sharing some appetizers seems like the best option to try a little of everything.

As you leave Moguls you decide that continuing your activity-filled day outside will proceed with a chairlift ride to the summit of Lutsen’s Eagle Mountain. At the top, the Alpine Slide is a must, the half mile ride to the base has many twists and turns, that not only kids will enjoy but adu


lts too. Given a taste of the views from Eagle Mountain, you decide to take things up a notch by taking the Gondola to the top of Moose Mountain. The views are spectacular as the Mountain is 1,000ft over Lake Superior. As you gaze at the lake your husband basically has to pull you away to go explore some of the Hiking Trails. At the summit of Moose Mountian, the famed Superior Hiking Trail is located along with many other trails. As you are hiking to the scenic overlooks the breeze rustles through the trees, and the sun spills in from above.

While returning to the resort you saw many bikers pedaling along, wanting to join in on the

fun you and your husband check out a pair of complimentary bikes from the front desk. There is a drop off service at Ski Hill Road with the perfect access point to the Gitchi Gami Path. After an hour or so riding the paved pathway you decide it is time to head back to the resort. Relaxing by the pool before dinner seems like the perfect way to spend the next hour.


Deciding to return to Moguls Grille and Tap Bar is no hard decision when the food and drinks from earlier in the

day were delicious. Greeted by the smiling wait staff, they seat you at a table while you share the events of your day. A cold beer is a must while deciding on entrees, you have the Chicken Ranch Flatbread while your husband enjoys the Prime Rib Sandwich. After a couple more drinks you decide it’s time to head outside once again.

Check out Moguls Grille and Tap Bar on our Pinterest Page, http://www.pinterest.com/caribouhighland/

The volleyball court allows you to reminisce about your high school days as you play your husband. The basketball court lets your husband do the same, as he was All-American in high school. The tennis court is open so you use the complimentary rackets to play a few sets. The day has passed by quickly, as you notice the sun is no longer in the sky. The moonlight guides you to the crackling bonfire where free s’mores await to be assembled. After roasting more marshmallows than you care to admit, you sit with your husband looking at the fire. Strolling back to your room hand in hand you can’t wait to replay this day tomorrow.




  • 7am Wake up, grab a bite to eat and enjoy your morning coffee overlooking Moose Mountain.
  • 9am Play a round of gold at the 27-hole Superior National Course*.
  • 12pm After a great round of golf, head in for lunch at Moguls Grille and Tap Room.
  • 1pm Take the chairlift up to the summit of Lutsen’s Easgle Mountain to ride the Alpine Slide (half miles ride to the base)*.
  • 2pm Now that you have a taste for the great views, take the Gondola to the top of Moose Mountain (1,000ft over Lake Superior). At the top there are many hiking trails (that include the Superior Hiking Trail) and scenic overlooks to enjoy!
  • 3pm Take out the complimentary bikes with drop off at the bottom of ski hill road located perfectly for a ride on the paved Gitchi Gami trail.
  • 4pm Relax by the outdoor pool.
  • 6pm Dinner at Moguls.
  • 7:30pm Play games at the tennis court, volleyball court, and basketball court.
  • 9pm Take a stroll down to the bonfire for free S’mores and reminiscing about your day.


  • 7am Wake up, grab a bite to eat and enjoy your morning coffee overlooking Moose Mountain.
  • 8am take the short walk to the Superior Hiking trail and head our for a morning of exploring and taking in the views from several overlooks.
  • 12pm Head back to Moguls Grille and Tap room for lunch on the patio.
  • 1pm Take a free guided Canoe Tour on the beautiful Poplar River.
  • 3pm Hop on of our free Trek mountain bikes and head into the woods! There are miles of great mountain biking trails right in our back yard!
  • 6pm Head back to the resort and have dinner at Moguls Grille and Tap Room
  • 8pm Sit around the bonfire for some free s’mores and story telling.
  • 10pm sit on the patio or your private balcony looking at the stars with your favorite beverage. Ah, what a day!

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