Endless Winter More Chances to Ski

The seemingly endless snowfall this winter has one notable upshot: Lutsen Mountains are open to skiers and snowboarders for an extra weekend this year. The resort was originally scheduled to close during the “Mountain Meltdown” event on the weekend of April 12-13, but the deadline for that last chance to carve up the mountains in one’s chosen fashion has been extended due to the 11-plus feet of snow that has fallen atop their manmade base of 40-60 inches, and the year will now end after the Easter weekend celebration on April 18-20.

Jim Vick, Marketing Director with Lutsen Mountains, says that the ski resort is able to present an Easter event for the first time in several years, due to the way the winter has played out. On Sunday the 20th, there will be a non-denominational service on Moose Mountain at 7 a.m., followed by an Easter-egg hunt at 9.

“We’ve been able to add Easter activities in,” Vick says, “both a sunrise service and then a giant Easter-egg hunt. 500 eggs will be hidden on the mountain, some of them candy-filled, and some of them prize-filled. It makes for a fun day.”

Vick and Lutsen are excited to be able to have an Easter celebration this year, due to the aforementioned snowfall totals and some simple calendar luck. “On the years where Easter falls really late, we don’t have this opportunity,” he says. “This year, we do.”

The expectation is that hundreds of people will make their way to Lutsen for the final weekend of skiing, Vick says. It’s less than the thousands they might see in a usual weekend during the regular season, but it’s more than none at all, which had been what the plan originally was. “We announced [Easter weekend] a few weeks ago, and we’ve already seen traction on our reservations,” Vick says.

Skiing and snowboarding during the quote-unquote “spring” is much the same as during the regular season, but people are advised to protect their eyes from glare with sunglasses or goggles, to layer their clothes as preparation for any kind of temperature fluctuations or weather-condition changes, and to be aware of snow conditions so as to be as safe as possible on the slopes.

Full information on the weekend is available at www.lutsen.com/easterweekend, or by calling 218-663-7281. A special Easter Weekend half-price-ticket deal is also available on the Lutsen website, as well.

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