episode 1.6 – gettin' all hopped up

FYI, you guys, I LOVE BEER.  That’s an understatement.  That’s why I’m so pumped it’s here.

It’s finally here.

The Hopped Up Caribou Beer Festival is THIS WEEKEND!   This is the Oscars of beer tastings..  It’s the beer-makers beer fest.  Like an art exhibit for Van Gogh to attend.

Okay, okay, I think you get it.  So what else can I say about Hopped Up?  Well, it’s singlehandedly the most chillax learning experience of all time.  Seriously, I have never learned so much about beer in one afternoon, while keeping cool off the sweet mountain breeze with Lake Superior looming in the distance.

Please note the official dress code of the Hopped Up Caribou Beer Festival.

From tasting notes to finally finding out what the heck hops are, it was truly a day to remember.  Great people having great conversations about great beers.

The perfect afternoon.

It’s been quite the year since the original beer fest.  That one fateful day back in July changed how I saw–and drank!–beer forever.  When you meet the people behind the beers, you really gain a new respect for the craft.

It’s an art.  And Hopped Up is a chance to meet the artists.

I guess when I pictured a beer fest, i imagined bunch of beer reps in fancy polo shirts trying to get you to buy their product in a stuffy auditorium somewhere.  But maybe that’s what sets Hopped Up apart.  Craft Beer Heroes, both local and from afar, are there for the ‘love of the game,’ if you will.  A meet-and-greet mixer of epic proportions.

Speaking of, one of the major highlights of my beer fest experience was meeting the faces behind my favorite beer of all-time, Kayak Kolsch:  Lake Superior Brewing Company out of Duluth.  It’s quite a treat to hear the origin story of your favorite brew, secret ingredients, all while sipping it, ice-cold.

And then moving onto the ones you haven’t tried.

Oh, yeah, that’s another highlight.  These brewers are bringing up some crafts that you might never have heard of…and that you may never hear of again.

Take a first-person POV tour of last year’s beer festival!

 Couple that with all the great food, perfectly paired for the brews by our Executive Chef, and you have a weekend like no other in the entire beer-niverse.

Our elite staff have been training for this day since their 21st b-day.


The key to any successful beer fest. Got it covered.

Check out the itinerary!

It’s never too late to plan a trip up to the North Shore–especially when there is beer involved.  I’ll be attending once again, and reporting all the pertinent info to you on Monday…but wouldn’t you rather experience it yourself?

Blogs are great, but they don’t have samples, now do they.

Seriously, though, don’t miss this.  You’ll enjoy every drop of it.  Promise

And did I mention the unlimited pours?  Cheers, guys–in the most literal since.  See you when we’re ‘all Hopped Up’  this weekend!

– Mikel


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  1. Bobbi Reply

    I’m delighted to see you used my photos, but where’s my credits?

    • Caribou Reply

      That’s a good question, Bobbi…which ones are yours? MA

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