Troy, Assistant General Manager at Larsmont Cottages, mills the malt for Odyssey Session Ale.

Exciting news to share with you all! Odyssey Resorts & Voyageur Brewing Company partnered last month to make the ultimate beer: The Odyssey Session Ale.

On a Thursday night in May, members of the Odyssey team met with Voyageur Brewing Company’s Head Brewer Anders Johansen in Grand Marais, Minnesota to help make the Odyssey Session Ale.

Anders guided them through the beer making process and the Odyssey team milled in the malt. This process consists of crushing up the malt, which they used to create the wort.

The next morning, the team met again with Anders to assist in mixing the mash with hot water to convert the malt’s starches to sugar.

Fun fact about Voyageur is that all of their leftover malt is picked up by a local dairy farmer to use as feed.

After the mixing of the mash, the beer went over to the kettle where Anders brought it to a boil and added the hops. Once that happened, he cooled it down and moved it over to the fermenter where he added the yeast. The yeast then ate the sugar to produce CO2 and alcohol. It sat in the fermenter for about 10 days.

Assistant Brewer, Drew, unloads the spent malt which will be used as feed at a local dairy farm.

After those 10 days were up, Anders lowered the temp and took the yeast out to harvest. The beer was then put in a conditioning tank where it settled a little bit more and had more C02 added to it. After that last step, the beer was ready to be packaged and to be drank!

The final beer resulted in a light, session ale with the tiniest hint of citrus-y sweetness. Basically, the perfect summer beer because it’s easy & enjoyable to drink & has a lower alcohol content so that you can drink more of it.

The Odyssey Session Ale is now available at Voyageur Brewing Company, Moguls Grille & Tap Room at Caribou Highlands Lodge, Splashing Rock at Grand Superior Lodge & Ledge Rock Grille at Larsmont Cottages.

Odyssey is so grateful for Voyageur’s generosity in hosting & teaching the Odyssey staff about the brewing process. 

The Odyssey team learns about the brewing process
Head Brewer Anders Johansen explains the brewing process to the Odyssey Resorts team.
The Odyssey team learns about the purpose of each tank in the brewing process.
Voyageur Brewing CFO, Mike Prom, and Caribou Highlands GM, John Klemme inspect the wort.