Front Desk at Caribou Highlands

Tired of playing the same old games? Try the fun new sport that is becoming an international sensation ~ FootGolf! That’s right Soccer and Golf combined to make the #1 most popular sport in the world.

Location: Superior National Golf Course

The Mountain 9 is immaculately grooomed and beautiful. Located at the foothills of the Sawtooth Mountains you can enjoy both mountain views and  breathtaking Lake Superior vistas. – Will (Caribou Highlands Staff Member)

Gear: Colorfully awesome golf outfit – soccer shoes or good athletic shoes – regulation FIFA #5 soccer ball

Rules: object of the game is to kick a soccer ball into a the hole, and the rules largely correspond to the rules of golf. A FootGolfer must play the ball in a single movement. No pushing the ball with the foot is allowed. At the end of nine holes the player who completes the course using the fewest number of kicks wins. Same as golf!

Fun Level: Extremely High for all ages.

Time: Typically 1 hour to complete the 9 hole course.

FootGolf Rates: Adults: $16 | Junior: $12 | Ball Rental: $5 per ball (or bring your own soccer ball) | Cart Rental per person: $12 (must be 16 to rent golf cart)

The winding Mountain course is an awesome nine holes of fun. With holes ranging from 40 to 200 yards. There is plenty of variation to this course. The super long downhil hole is a blast.

Try to stay far away from any wet areas playing with a wet ball is no fun.

Tee times can be made by calling 218-663-7195. Walk-on welcome per availability.