Trail Notes: County Road 58 to Pincushion-SHT

With Lambeau and GM John

Where County Road 58 to Pincushion, North of Grand Marais 

With GM John & Dog Lambeau

Difficulty Medium

Most of it is very easy, but there is a bunch of climbing to get to the Barrier Falls Overlook and then again as you climb from the Devil Track River up to Pincushion.  Those climbs are pretty steep and will really wear you out.  Not for grandma.  I saw a lot of people who had hiked from the County 58 trailhead area to the Barrier Falls Overlook and then back.  That seems doable for most people—even grandma!

Wildlife Viewing: Two Pileated Woodpeckers right away in the beginning.  One medium-sized snake early on too.  After that, not much.  I thought I heard a couple of grouse but didn’t see any ☹. On the bright side, I found my first chanterelles of the year.  There was a nice patch of them down near the river and some falls.  It’s a little too early and dry for them in most places, but they should start popping up all over in the next couple of weeks!

John’s Review

This is a very pretty stretch of trail.  You get high above the river for a lot of it and the views can be a bit dizzying.  There are few, if any guards rails by these lookouts, so be careful with little ones and dogs.  The Devil Track River is really gorgeous, but access to it is limited—steep drops even when you are closest to it on the trail.  Once you get to the Pincushion trails area, the trail is wide and is used by bikers and hikers alike.  Take the time to go up to the Pincushion overlook!  It’s a gorgeous 360-degree view of the forest and the lake!