Trail Notes: LeVeaux Mountain Loop

With Lambeau and GM John

Lambeau loves the LaVeaux Loop

Where Leveaux Loop of the Superior Hiking Trail

Difficulty Medium

Most of the trail is very easy, but there is a fair bit of climbing in the middle to get up to and then down from the lookout. The complete loop is 3.3 miles.

Summary: Not for grandma, but pretty much anyone else.

Best spots: the lookout boulder at the peak gives you a great view of the valley below. This spot is going to be gorgeous as the colors change this fall! There are also a lot of sections of deep forest, where you feel insulated from the world—I love those spots.

Wildlife Viewing: I saw three Ruffed Grouse in 3 miles! That’s pretty good and tells me the fall hunting might not be as bad as predicted.

GM John’s Review

Oberg gets recommended all the time—and rightly so. The views are fantastic and there are more of them. But Leveaux should get some love too!

It’s a fun hike with bridges over the Onion River, an amazing lookout from the peak, and some great terrain and forest. I had never done it before, and I loved it.

Be sure to follow the signage, because this is a spur trail off of the Superior Hiking Trail and if you don’t pay attention, you can miss part of it (like I did) or end up walking all the way to Britton Peak!