Current Conditions

As we move into April, we can all be incredibly thankful for an amazing ski season. April 8th will be the last day of the prime season, and after that, the hills will only be open on weekends as long as the snow cooperates. We have had two very small snowfalls ins the last week, about 1-2″ each time. It’s not a lot, but it helps to soften up the snow and keep us going as long as we can! The Mountain Meltdown starts on Friday, and we are SOLD OUT and expecting an exciting finish to an incredible ski season.

Best Hidden Gem

Moose Glade from the top and then taking your choice of Moose Drop or Cougar at the bottom can be faster than The Plunge if you do it right, and is an incredible run for getting laps in with some friends!

Best for Experts

The conditions are perfect for running fast and well-groomed laps on Adrenaline!