Lutsen Mountains

Current Conditions

Woke up to 6+ 9+ inches of beautiful snow this morning! Should make for a fantastic weekend.

Where to get the most runs in.

The Caribou Express covers it’s entire length in just under 4 minutes and is hands down the best way to cover terrain.

Best Run Right Now

Upper Cascade into Middle Meadows. The variety is just awesome. You can bomb the entire run, you can hit some little jumps, and you can criss-cross through the trees, or you can do any combination you like.

Best Hidden Gem Right Now

Moose Drop. I think it’s slightly steeper than Koo Koo so if you want to go fast, trend left when leaving the Summit Chalet to find this.

Best Bet For Beginners

Lutsen MountainsMogen and then follow it into either Lodge or Bridge run. These runs are very gradual and clear to follow, aren’t steep, and have very beginner friendly terrain.

Best Bet For Intermediates

Charlottes Web is a fun way to safely and slowly practice tree skiing. Otherwise, any of the runs under the Caribou Express are great intermediate routes.

Best Bet For Experts

None of the higher end terrain is open at this time, but it will be! In the meantime, use the much less crowded runs to practice any techniques you need to touch up on before prime season starts.