Current Conditions

More and more runs are opening up as we continue forward into prime season. Starting on Christmas Day, we were getting hit with a cold-freeze, which is still here and will last the next few days. Please don’t ski without goggles and a face mask during these cold temperatures! We will be approaching temperatures up to negative 25 degrees where frostbite can take affect in under a half hour. Stay warm and see you out there!

Where to get the most runs in.

Moose Mountain is still the best bet to get the most runs in during a day. Bridge Chair got fairly crowded last weekend but that will change during busier days when 10th Mountain Chair opens up.

Best Run Right Now

Split Rock into Koo Koo into Raven. Or Split Rock into Hari Kari. Both options are incredibly fast when the cold snow is gripping like it is lately.

Best Hidden Gem Right Now

The first terrain park has been opened on the left side of Bridge Run.  Should be within sight of our condo buildings.

Best Bet For Beginners

Mogen and then follow it into either Lodge or Bridge run. These runs are very gradual and clear to follow, aren’t steep, and have very beginner friendly terrain.

Best Bet For Intermediates

Any combination of runs on Moose Mountain will be perfect at this level. There are a lot of blue runs to follow.

Best Bet For Experts

More and more of the black diamonds on the back of Eagle Mountain are opening up and they are just plain awesome.