Current Conditions

Today was the best day ever. EVER. When it was all said and done, the powder gods had generously dumped nearly an entire foot of fluffy, light, beautiful white snow between breakfast and dinner. At the peak of the storm you could ski a line, chairlift back up, and your tracks would be covered when you got back to them. I heard more excited and happy yelling today than I’ve heard on the mountain all season. Snowboarders were jumping over everything knowing they would have soft landings and skiers were dancing in and out of the trees and on the trails all over the mountain. The snow was really really soft and it isn’t going to be too cold coming up so this snow should stay good for the rest of the week!

Where to get the most runs in

I never appreciated the efficiency of the Caribou Express high-speed lift until this past weekend. The lines were massive but I was never in one for more than 5 minutes because of how quickly it pushes people through.

Best Run Right Now

During a huge powder day, the most common runs can get a little bit choppy. Don’t be afraid to put in the extra effort to get a little farther away from the chairlifts, you’ll almost certainly find untouched snow. Anything that requires effort to get to will be worth it!

Best Hidden Gem Right Now

Bear’s Den and Bear Claw are located to skiers left of the mogul run, Grizzly. These runs really make you feel like you’re in the heart of the woods, especially on a gorgeous snow day like today.

Best Bet For Beginners

Take 10th Mountain Chair up and do Lodge Run. At the end of it trend left, go under the bridge, and continue left onto Catwalk. At the end of Catwalk turn right and follow the end of River Run to Bridge Chair. You’ve now covered almost 2 miles of terrain at the beginner grade!

Best Bet For Intermediates

Start at the Summit Chalet and take Marks Run into Meadows Access into Moose Tracks. Moose Tracks is a gorgeous run through the trees with wide lanes and easy maneuverability.

Best Bet For Experts

You’ve done the Plunge on a groomed day, now do it on a powder day. Additionally, the mogul runs like Grizzly and Cliff Run were getting a LOT of use during the snow today.

Notable Guest Comments

“This is so much fun!” – A young girl in a pink coat skiing under my chairlift.
“I’m the best skier on the mountain!” – Me, when I got too excited.