Current Conditions

On the morning of Monday, January 15, skiers were itching to get on the lifts to shred the 5-8 inches of gorgeous snow we had received inthe prior 24 hours. Powder was abundant and the mountain was generous enough to leave plenty of runs un-groomed so we could enjoy it. The tree runs on Eagle Mountain and Moose Mountain saw tons of use and Ullr Mountain had some wonderfully powdered runs, which allowed beginners to experience the feel of fresh snow underfoot.
On the frigid morning of Tuesday, January 16,  I made sure to wake up early and get the first chair on Moose Mountain to absolutely rip through the freshly groomed runs. With almost nobody else on the hill, I covered nearly 20 runs in a little over two hours. The snow is fast and awesome.

Where to get the most runs in.

As we move into prime season with great weather, the ideal way to avoid traffic is not to avoid a certain place but rather to avoid a certain time – weekends. If at all possible, try to come ski Monday-Thursday. You will often have entire runs to yourself and can enjoy the hills all day.

Best Run Right Now

Experts Cutoff is slightly tricky to find and even harder to successfully send (As the name implies, be careful). Onthe easier side, we have the mega long and mega gorgeous Caribou Curve which is a groomed run through the thick forests on the far side of Moose Mountain.

Best Hidden Gem Right Now

The fresh powder left some amazing snow between the trees on the Chalet-side of Moose Mountain so go get it while the conditions are still good!

Best Bet For Beginners

Ullr Montain has opened up the majority of it’s runs and is an excellent beginner mountain. The lift is a short ride and has close proximity to shuttle drop off. The runs are not steep, fast, or skinny.

Best Bet For Intermediates

Rip down the groomers on the Chalet-side of Moose Mountain before taking an afternoon trip to the fun and windy runs of Mystery Mountain.

Best Bet For Experts

The Moguls are up on Hari Kari, did you keep your legs in shape enough to hit them?