Off the Beaten Shore


Mary, owner of unit 519 at Caribou Highlands

As a young family, we discovered the North Shore of Lake Superior.

We purchased a small piece of property and began slowly but steadfastly to discover the many secrets that this pristine part of our country holds for all who love nature. Originally intending to enjoy the North Shore mostly during ski season, we soon found out that it is an equally great adventure during the summer and fall months.

This document was created as a booklet for a Sugar Loaf Cove fundraiser. It is now a text document that describes some of our favorite activities – usually ones that are not described for the general public because they are free and always a few blocks off the beaten path.

I’m sharing it now with all of Caribou Highlands guests, potential guests, and anyone else with interest in experiencing some of the North Shore’s secrets.

Mary’s Rules of the Trail

  • Always always always  bring water.
  • Food adds to the fun, especially for the kids.
  • Bring along a map for safety and information, even if you think you already know the area.
  • Wear good hiking shoes or hiking boots.
  • Bring water shoes and a small towel so you can wade and soak your hot tired hiking feet in the refreshing North Shore rivers.
  • Be prepared for all weather possibilities.