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Every visitor to the North Shore should spend some time at Gooseberry Falls – it’s a must! It is also the most visited State Park in Minnesota and is very handicapped accessible.

The falls are several in number and one can spend hours to days wandering through this park. Most visitors spend a couple of hours viewing the falls, rivers and trails near Highway 61. In addition to the beautiful falls, the Visitors Center is full of lessons about nature. Kids from 1 to 99 years old will enjoy such opportunities as coming face to face with a wolf.

If you would like to get away from the normal crowds at this popular spot, consider a hike to the beautiful Fifth Falls. A mile long trail follows both sides of the river very closely. You can walk up one side, cross over a bridge and return on the other side. It is an easy hike and 98 percent of the tourists will be back near Highway 61.

This park is a wonderful way to begin your North Shore experience. And while you are there, don’t forget to try some of the chocolate rocks that are sold at the gift shop!

To get there, follow the sign to the Visitor’s Center near mile marker 39.

Website: Gooseberry Falls State Park