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Heads up rock lovers: Minnesota has several Scientific Natural Areas, which were created to preserve natural phenomena. One is Iona’s Pink beach! This land was donated by Iona Lind after she closed her Twin Points resort in an attempt to preserve the half mile stretch of pink rhyolite rocks as a public treasure. No kidding – this beach is pink!

I think this is a terrific place for kids. A great place to walk the rocky beach, throw or skip rocks into the lake, watch the waves and enjoy the lake. Take some time to walk the short wooded trails and to enjoy a picnic on the scenic overlook benches. The bike trail winds through here and there is a boat landing adjacent to the beach.

Turn right at mile marker 42 and you are there! Park in the left lot and follow the bike trail north, past the Scientific Natural Areas information sign, for 100 yards. You will see the interpretive signs and the short dirt path to the beach. Be mindful… it is unlawful to snatch the rocks in a Scientific Natural Area. This is a good nature lesson for kids and adults alike!

Website: Iona’s Beach Scientific and Natural Area