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This is a pristine nature center that offers an easy 1-2 mile hike, depending on your chosen route. It passes through various types of trees and then reaches the lakeshore for about a mile stretch. It is a relatively flat hike and would be great for children or for people who have difficulty on traditional hiking paths.

Sugar Loaf Cove has the most beautiful pebble/cobble rocks on the North Shore – they are quite round and full of color! The beach is in a spectacular cove where the water is calm and often warm enough to wade in. And because it has a nature center, it’s a great place for kids to learn more about the environment. Look, touch and enjoy the rocks but don’t take them home!

This area used to be a lumber collection point. All the logs were hauled here, pushed downhill into the cove and then transported across the lake to be processed. Learn the history as you walk the trails and feel free to visit the Naturalist Center on weekends. There is a  beautiful peninsula on the outer side of the cove but know that hikers are urged to hike gently due to the fragile ecology of the area.

On one stormy day in January, when it was raining instead of snowing, we cancelled our skiing plans, and instead hiked out on this narrow peninsula. Huge waves crashed up on either side of us – we were perfectly safe and thoroughly enjoyed being in the midst of a great Lake Superior storm. It was a memorable experience for all of us.
Sugarloaf Cove is very close to Caribou Falls and combines nicely to make an all day outing. It is also a great place for a picnic! On weekends, the Nature Center often has programming and a resident naturalist.

This is definitely a treasured spot on the North Shore!

Look for the Highway sign between mile marker 73 and 74, just south of Schroeder.

Website: Sugarloaf North Shore